Airbnb Ninja
Marketing Your Airbnb
Don't just wait for Airbnb to promote your property. You can drive traffic to your listing from lead generating tools across the entire internet.
Swoop Through Specialty Shoot
We have a special technique for creating cinematic promotional videos for your Airbnb. It is called the swoop through and it combines high arching aerial video with interior home display.
Video Promotion
To date, Airbnb does not allow videos on their website. This doesn't mean you cannot show them to interested guest inquiries.
Advertise Your Airbnb
Costa Rica's market for Airbnb is still growing, and as it does, we offer ways to advertise beyond the ecosystem of Airbnb itself. Using cross platform advertising techniques can win you new bookings.
This is how we do custom pricing:

We offer 3 types of Service for your Airbnb!

The Content Creation
30-90s Promo
Cinematic Motion Graphics
Ability to Add Scripted Narration
HD quality files delivered
Will work on all Websites & Social Media
Engaging Musical Soundtrack
New Concept For Airbnbs
Facebook Ad Campaigns
Google Adwords Traffic Funnels
Youtube Advertising
Display Network Commercial
Analytics & Keyword Reviews
Listing Content Boosts
The Marketing Plan
Get The Word Out
Customized Social Media Engagement
Website Integration & Development
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Management
Youtube Channel Development
Reputation/Review Management
What is your next step?

Simply select your preference and once we begin the Project Discovery phase, we will provide you a concise estimate that fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been creating media?
Since the internet began.
Do you provide these services outside of Costa Rica?
Yes, we work with experienced creators internationally. Give us a call at 8427 0728 and we will discuss how we can connect you with a Ninja in your area.
Does Airbnb Ninja have a contract?
Yes, we have a well thought out and properly organized contract that we deliver with a full scope of work document. The scope of work document will be created once we have our initial discovery meeting. A discovery meeting is a consultation phone call in which we come to a summarized agreement about what the expectations for the project are.
What is the average turn around time for a promotional video to be made?
3 weeks is the average, it can be done in as little as 1 week. Larger projects may leave it for as long as 8 weeks.
Can you provide Factura Electronica?
Are you insured in Costa Rica?
What happens once I click 'Select This Option' under one of your services?
You will be taken to a pop up window that includes a form with information for us about your selection. From there, simply send along your contact information, the best time to call, and anything else you would like us to know. We will respond as soon as we get the message.